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The Bear Spot Foundation

The Bear Spot Foundation for Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy was established in 2004 to provide therapeutic services to children, adolescents and their families. Jane is the owner and head trainer at Bear Spot Farm, and the program director of the foundation. As a psychotherapist with extensive experience treating children and adolescents, and Grand Prix dressage rider she is in a unique position to bring the profound presence of the horse into a directed therapeutic experience. 


The foundation works most primarily with childhood psychiatric presentations including, but not limited to, mood disorders (depression, bi-polar disorder), ADD/ADHD, anorexia, and concerns related to low self-esteem, separation and loss and anxiety disorders. 


The Foundation's work is made possible through the support of individuals and foundations.  The Bear Spot Foundation is particularly grateful to the Justice Resource Institute for its generosity.  Most families who receive support do so at little to no cost. You can learn more about the therapy horses here and the foundation here.

*Dr. Karol is psychotherapist and not a psychologist, and as such she is not licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


"Starting at about age 11, our daughter began experiencing significant anxiety and depression. Shortly afterwards, we confirmed our suspicions that she had an eating disorder.  Adopted from another country, she also had some attachment issues.  While we had found some programs that helped her in the short term, we were never able to find a therapist with whom she “clicked.  We tried numerous therapists, but my daughter would not speak during most therapy sessions and sometimes even refused to get out of the car.

After a particularly grueling 2020, a friend asked if we’d ever heard of equine assisted therapy and recommended Bear Spot. My daughter (then 14) had always loved animals, including horses, so I was intrigued.  When I learned more, I felt hope for the first time in years.  I learned that Lindsey had experience dealing with eating disorders, anxiety/depression and attachment issues; but, more importantly, was direct and straight to the point. She told me she believes in being “real” with kids, and through the horses, helps them let their guard down so she can get to the issues buried underneath.

From the minute my daughter saw Bear Spot, it was love at first sight.  Dogs ran up and greeted her like a long-lost friend. She then went right to the horses and picked one out -- or maybe he picked her -- and she never looked back.  She bonded immediately with Lindsey and told me after just 1 session that she finally found a therapist who “got her”.  This is a setting she adores with a therapist whom she trusts, and she now looks forward to going to therapy – something I never thought I’d see!  I cannot recommend this program highly enough.

- Mom of client, Gardner, MA

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