Trainers often have a profound impact on their student’s lives: The Story of Hannah, her pony Little

My friend, Pat Schmoll, is a dressage trainer in Ocala, Florida. She is not a psychologist. However, the relationship she has facilitated between this lovely girl, Hannah and a pony named Little Sage Brush is moving. Little Sagebrush and a few other horses at Pat’s farm have given Hannah experiences that have, and will, change the quality of her life. Pat sent me an email a few months ago that says it all: (*Italics are mine): “I have had a young girl taking lessons here (once a week or so), for a year. She is Chinese, 11, adopted 4 years ago. (Prior to being adopted she lived in an orphanage, and several foster homes in China where she was not treated well, because she was “sickly.”) She

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